Supplier Corrective Action Request Software (SCAR) to Foster Quality

NIIX Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) software provides automated workflow routing, escalation, notification, document control, approval of SCAR. Initiate with critical information, plan for appropriate resolution, investigate root cause, perform risk assessment, implement action plan, perform verification and effectiveness steps and resolve the deficiencies.

Supplier Corrective Action Request Software
supplier corrective action request

Supplier evaluation system made easy

Cloud-based SCAR management enables you to create dynamic supplier corrective action request and performance evaluation. Suppliers can securely access to view only their specific SCAR, audit findings, and provide corresponding corrective actions and preventive actions in timely manner. It provides fast, secure, and effective overall supplier management.

Streamline SCAR Management include supplier evaluations

Systematic, simplify and standardized SCAR management process to eliminate inconsistencies with ultimate goal to drive continuous improvements. Sign in online anytime, anywhere to get a real-time view of your Supplier Corrective Action Request, responses, action taken and other details. Conducting periodic supplier and contractor reviews is crucial to ensure your organisation meeting quality management system compliance requirements.

End-To-End SCAR Monitoring

Quick insights of SCAR trends, root cause, performance, and effectiveness of the resolution.
It’s a mechanism to lead supplier to meet your long term quality system requirements.

Easily Assign SCAR Software to Supplier

Easily assign SCAR to specific supplier. Supplier will be auto notified via email.

Evaluation Supplier History

Suppliers can access full SCAR history to know their own service performance.

Supplier Access from Link. No Login Required.

An access link will be auto generated and sent to supplier. Supplier access from the link. No login required.

All Process in One Glance

View supplier corrective action and preventive action with related document in real time using laptop, tablet and smartphone anytime anywhere.

supplier corrective action request

Effective Supplier Management

Get instant visibility into supplier non-conformances, develop corrective and preventative action plans to improve entire supply chain performance. Ensure supplier service quality and integrity are met.

supplier corrective action request
Intuitive User Interface Design

Simplify system make the user learning curve much shorter and easy to implement full-deployment and improve SCAR management.

Mitigate Quality Issue

It provides user a comprehensive approach to mitigate supplier quality issues while fostering a culture of continuous improvements. 

Attach Multiple Files

Attach unlimited files include video and image related to corrective action to any supplier for comprehensive record.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Access, initiate, respond, retrieve data related to the entire preventive action from any location via your tablet or smart phone.

supplier corrective action request
Sustain, Optimize with Detailed Insights and Reporting

Enhance supplier network with automated SCAR workflow. Manage process of identifying, qualifying and evaluating performance.


Manage your supplier more effectively and efficiently to gain more valuable supplying with investigate, identify root cause and risk assessment.

supplier corrective action request

Paperless SCAR Process

Automated end-to-end workflow with web-based form enable complete paperless SCAR process.

supplier corrective action request

Dashboards And Analytics

Better manage with custom reports and charts builder, to track SCAR progress and history.

supplier corrective action request

Integrated Risk Management

Integrate risk management and prevents failure from happening in accordance with ISO 14971.

supplier corrective action request

Realtime Notification Alerts

Automate alerts for each task assigned and due dates reminders to prevent overlooked.

supplier corrective action request

Improved Productivity

Systematic SCAR processes prevent possible incidents and improve productivity.

supplier corrective action request

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Solve problem before it occurrence improve quality system and foster customer satisfaction.

supplier corrective action request

Traceable Data & Records

Comprehensive preventive action data and records remained accessible at all time.

supplier corrective action request

Address Systemic Issues

A platform to effectively address all systemic issues with controlled user access view.

supplier corrective action request

Inclusive Communications

Centralized data and process flow with task notification improves communication.

supplier corrective action request

Always ISO Audit Ready

Effective PAR system and comprehensive records helps meeting ISO audit requirements.

supplier corrective action request

Foster Quality System

Success of quality system in organization is highly relied on a good SCAR management.

supplier corrective action request

Efficient and Cost effective

Enable managing of quality management system in efficient and cost effective manner.

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