How to keep track of company equipment upcoming calibration date?

NIIX Calibration Management Software provides a simplified platform to schedule the equipment calibration date in advance, assign task to selected employee with due date. The system will automatically send email notification to the employee that has been assigned to handle the task. The workflow-based approach help improves the speed of calibration and reduce error.

Can NIIX Calibration Management Softwares assign user based on their roles?

Each user can be assigned specific user roles that govern what he or she can and cannot do in the system. Such as the ability to view the equipment list, access the calibration record, initiate the calibration schedule, edit, review, approve, generate analytic reports, and print reports, among other things. It’s safe and will give you peace of mind.

Does the system provide calibration history?

Yes. complete calibration record and history is available in the system at all time.

Can I edit the calibration form template?

Yes, you can edit the template and field name using the built-in form editor.

How the system can provide good calibration management?

NIIX Calibration Management Software allows you to schedule the calibration date of the equipment. All the calibration history will be kept in the system and remained accessible for record and report purpose.

How the system will notify the user about a device is due for calibration?

You can pre-schedule the calibration date and the system will automatically send email notification to the person who is assigned to handle the task.

The system can help to meet ISO Certification compliance?

Yes. You will be able to show the calibration history to an Auditor as a proof that a calibration has been conducted as planned.

Is this system compatible with mobile and tablet devices?

Yes. The system is mobile and tablet friendly.

Is the system has automated & standardize workflow?

Yes. You can assign equipment calibration process task to a specific individual, setting due date, review calibration result, record calibration certificate, etc. Automated notification and reminder to ensure no step is overlooked.

Can I retrieve the calibration history based on a specified period of time?

Yes. You can retrieve the report based on selected time frame.

How can I restrict only certain employee can access to the Calibration Management Software?

You can assign the access right determining who can access the system. Flexible user permissions can be assigned to view calibration records, initiate calibration schedules, approve, generate analytic reports, print reports, and so on.

Can we get the detail of the calibration history anytime?

Yes. The calibration history will be kept in the system and remained accessible.

Is it possible to access the system away from the office?

Yes. It’s a cloud based system that allows you can securely access the system with authorized login ID and password from anywhere, anytime.

Did the system limit how many calibration schedules can be created at a time?

No. You can schedule as many calibration schedules as you want.

How does the system ensure the result of the calibration be reviewed?

Each calibration result, along with a proper record in the system can be assigned to an authorized Reviewer to review the result.

Can we assign calibration task to an employee according to his job responsibility?

You can assign the task of equipment calibration to any authorized employee.

What are the key features for NIIX Calibration Management Software?

It offers features such as schedule calibration date, calibration criteria, assign who handle the task, managed unscheduled or emergency calibration, calibration report and certificate, etc.

How does the system notify the user when a task is assigned?

The system will automatically send an email notification to the person who is assigned to complete that particular task.

How does the system help improve calibration record?

The related calibration document can be uploaded to the system and the calibration history in the system remain retrievable.

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