Did the system track who has accesses which document?

Yes, user activities is available at audit log include who has access which document.

Did document creator need to manually send email to notify Reviewer to review a document?

No, the email notification will be automatically sent by the system when document is being submitted for review and approval process.

Does NIIX QMS Software have document change record tracking?

Yes. The system have a column to key in the document change note which will be kept in the Document Change Record page for reference purpose.

Does NIIX ISO DMS Software come with document templates?

No, NIIX ISO DMS Software does not have document templates but NIIX can provide them separately for your reference if required or upon request.

Can old revision obsolete document be accessed by users?

The old revision obsolete documents can only be accessed by authorised users.

Who can delete a document?

Only authorised users which have given access can delete a document. Most of the time, the access will be only given to the Executive administrator.

Are all documents created via Document Control Software listed in the Master List?

Only the approved and effective document will be listed in the Document Master List.
All the draft document will only be available for related document owner.

Can the status of a draft document be tracked by Document Control Software?

Yes. The status of a draft document can be tracked at the Document Status page in NIIX ISO DMS Software by the authorized users.

How many Standards can Document Control Software support?

There is no limitation as NIIX ISO DMS Software is developed to support multiple ISO standards ranging from ISO 9001, TS16949, OHSAS, ISO 14001, etc in one system.

Will the obsolete documents be automatically deleted after a number of years?

No, the obsolete documents will not be automatically deleted unless the authorized users manually deletes it. However deleted documents is not retrievable.

Can the reviewer/ approver make changes to the document while it is being reviewed/ approved?

No. However, during the review/ approval process, the reviewer/ approver can provide comments/ suggestions, and the creator can amend the document based on the reviewer/ comments /suggestions. approver’s

Would the Creator send an email notification to the reviewer and approver?

When a document is submitted for review and approval, the system will automatically generate and send an email notification. The email does not have to be sent manually by the Document Creator.

Is it still necessary to print a master copy of all approved documents?

It is entirely up to the organisation; if a printed copy is required, authorised users can print out those approved documents that have been granted print access.

Is a print copy of an approved document without a signatory a valid document?

All printed documents generated by the Document Control Software system will include a footnote stating, “Printed document is not valid for use unless stamped and/ or signed.”

Will a specific Standard be upgraded to support the new requirements if there is a transition?

Yes, Document Control Software will be promptly upgraded in accordance with the transition of any ISO Standard.

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a document from one creator to another?

Yes. You can transfer ownership of a document to another document owner in order to edit or revise it.

It is governed by the user’s security preferences. Only users who have been granted the authority to edit/revise can do so.

Is there a feature that shows which documents are related to one another?

Yes. The Cross-Reference Document feature indicates which documents are related to one another.

What is the Document Status functionality in Document Control Software?

Document Status shows the status of each document in Document Control Software including draft, pending for review, pending for approval, pending revision, approved, etc whereby an authorised user can delete a document, cancel a pending action/ draft document and view document history.

Can the review and/ or approval process be bypassed?

No, the Document Control Software does not allow you to skip the review and/or approval process.

Is it possible for a small business to use Document Control Software as a documentation management system?

Due to limited manpower and resources, a small company could use Document Control Software in its daily operations.

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