What is the NIIX Risk Management Software about?

NIIX Risk Management Software provide systematic framework to simply the identification, analysis, monitoring, reviewal, approval, treatment, unify all risk-related activities and documents for effective, manageable and consistent risk management. It centralizes and streamline entire risk management process, identify and manage risks across all contexts, integrate risk management into all key organizational processes. The risk management software tracking and analysis features. Ultimately enable factual based decision making to easily identify, prevent and mitigate risks.

Do we need to manually notify approver to approve the submitted form?

No. System will automatically send email notification directly to the approver once the approval task has been assigned.

Is your software mobile friendly so that I can access from the tablet whenever necessary?

Yes. It is tablet and mobile. The system is web-based so that you can access at anytime, anywhere.

Can the employee directly close a task that has been assigned to him without sending the progress for review?

No. If the workflow required a review process, then the task cannot be closed without sending for review.

How the system notify user on assignment due date?

The system will automatically send notification and reminders to the responsible individuals, who can then respond in the Risk Assessment and all necessary task process.

The system can set the risk category as we want?

Yes. You can pre-defined the risk category using the setting feature.

Can the system generate a report from the available data?

Yes. You can generate a report from the built-in analytic report feature.

Can we amend the form template?

Yes. You can modify the template and field names easily to suit your needs.

NIIX Risk Management Software can be used for any ISO Standard?

Yes. You can use Risk Management Software in any ISO Standards include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, HACCP, OHSAS, ISO 17025 and other ISO Standards.

The system can help to improve risk management?

The automated workflow help to save a lot of time on risk management. The data and record provides clear insights of the risk identification and overall management.

Can we attach supporting file in the system?

Yes. You can attach various supporting documents include video and audio file in the system.

Can multiple users access the same Risk Management form at the same time?

Yes. Multiple users can access the same form at the same time.

How can you ensure that top management is aware of all issues identified from Risk Management?

You may provide detailed data analytic and report to the management for them to well aware of all identified risks.

Can I include the opportunities that might be identified from the risk?

You can amend the form template to be able to enter the data related to opportunities.

Can we delete Risk Management created?

It depends your user access level. Related access rights can be easily assigned to the user to carry our specific task.

How many risk management record can we keep in the server?

As long as the server have enough storage, you can keep the data as many as you want. You can add on the storage at any time if you need bigger storage capacity.

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