Quality Objective Management Software to Excel QMS Performance

NIIX Quality Objective Management software simplifies processes to initiate, monitor, capture data record, measure and improve the quality objective results and performance. It helps to make the Quality Objectives monitoring effective, addressing what needs to be improved, and further achieve the target set for quality objective and ensure quality management system compliance.

Quality Objective Management
Quality Objective Management

Access To Business Insights And Trends

The system is complete with user friendly tools for visualizing data on dashboards, building comprehensive engaging reports and analyzing performance. Allowing real time insights and to aggregate data elements in meaningful ways. Seeing organization quality management performance and aligns activities and outcomes with the desired strategic QMS objective.

Modernize Quality Objective Management

The system simplifies quality objective monitoring platform to initiate, collect, monitor, categorize, review, approve and identify continual improvement. The collected data can be used as key performance indicator for strategic planning to improve organization performance. Use as evaluation tool to maximize your business performance through factual data visualization, team collaboration, communication, and robust initiative management.

Centralized Performance Record

Identify, record and manage quality objective performance at a secure and centralize repository with consistent data entry fields.

Automate Quality Objective Data

Initiate, assign and trackquality objective of all aspectfrom entire organization using an intuitive and logical workflow process to ensure no step is overlooked.

All Your Metrics In One Place

Connect all your most relevant data sources of each department into one single point of access which making cross-departmental communication effective.

Flexible Tasks & Deadlines Assignment

Assign each with specific quality objective tasks and deadlines which individualcan update the performance result, review, approval process.

QMS Objective Evaluation

Each identified quality objective with clear processes ensures all the performance indicators are seen and assessed by the right individual timely.

Quality Objective Management

Uncover Critical Business Performance

Tracking performance with the help of a dashboard provides an instant and clear overview of the company’s or specific department’s performance.

Quality Objective Management
Robust KPI & Analytic Reports

Real time analysis of performance, analyze historical data to identify trends, result measurements, identify areas of continual improvement to meet quality goal.

Communicating Objectives To Employees

The centralize repository quality objective tracking ensure compliance of ISO 9001 and other ISO Standards audit requirements.

Consistent And Measurable

Easily define desired result with clear measurable data to determine and obtain progress timely to improve performance.

Transparency and Accountability Culture

Real time progress monitoring helps improve transparency and accountability within an organisation.

Quality Objective Management
Foster Continual Improvement Based on Data

Instantly view productivity trends of entire organization to leverage historic benchmarks. Initiate action plan for continual improvement.


Track your quality management system quality objective and key performance indicators, metrics and performance data with insightful data analytic, dashboards and reports.

Quality Objective Management

User defined Data Fields

Customize fields to track specific ISO 9001 and other ISO Standards quality objective.

Quality Objective Management

Real Time Dashboards

Conveniently accessing to visible real time QMS progress at anytime and anywhere.

Quality Objective Management

Sharing And Collaboration

Flexibly assign, share and collaborate task with notification alert to improve progress.

Quality Objective Management

Improve Organization Morale

Systematic risk management also improves staff morale, motivation, and productivity.

Quality Objective Management

ISO Certification Compliance

Comprehensive software simplifies compliance with ISO 9001 and other ISO standards.

Quality Objective Management

Track Individuals & Teams

Flexibly tracking key performance indicators based on individual, team and department.

Quality Objective Management

Propel Staff Performance

Transparency and accountability & validation and verification propel staff performance.

Quality Objective Management

Simple & Easy to Understand

Turn complex data and metrics into accessible and understandable visuals dashboard.

Quality Objective Management

Improve Communications

Centralized data management data contributes to effective real time communication.

Quality Objective Management

Easy to Build and Manage

Provide a framework to use existing built in web form or amend to suit your needs.

Quality Objective Management

Be ISO 9000Audit Ready

Complete data with good management mechanism enable ISO audit-ready for compliance.

Quality Objective Management

Mobile Enabled

A mobile-enabled application to access your data wherever you are and at any time.

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