Best Risk Management Software to Mitigate Risk Deficiencies

NIIX Risk Management software provides a systematic framework to simplify the identification, assessment, analysis, review, treatment, unify all risk-related activities and documents for effective, manageable and consistent risk management. Identify risks of all aspects include product, business entity, processes, quality management, etc. to achieve desired QMS results.

Best Risk Management Software
risk management software

Risk Management Centralized and Made Easy

The system smartly simplifies the risk identification, analysis, monitoring, review and treatment of both existing and potential risks and opportunities of your businesses. Comprehensive and efficient framework enables operational risks and hazards are under well control to ensure safe, healthy and productive workplace.

Integrate Risk Management with Organization Processes

It centralizes and streamlines the entire risk management process, identify risks across all contexts, and integrate risk management into all key processes. The risk management software keeps track, monitor and analyze practical threat models and conduct quantitative risk assessment. Dealing with operational and security risk ultimately enable factual based decision-making to easily identify, prevent and mitigate risks.

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Centralize Risk Management Repository

Identify, manage, and record risk information using a central cloud-based platform and consistent data entry fields that meet QMS compliance.

Automated and Standardize Risk Mitigation

Assign and track risk mitigation tasks with an intuitive workflow process to ensure no step is overlooked.

Flexible Tasks & Deadlines Assignment

Assigned responsibility to related individuals with deadlines for approved risk mitigation tasks with automated notification and reminders.

Ensure Risk Validation And Verification

Each identified risk with clear processes ensures all the risks are assessed and ensure risk management validation and verification are in placed.

Intuitive, Powerful & Collective Reporting

Advanced risk analytics and reporting with up-to-date analysis of risk trends and origins. To ensure key decision makers are informed of all issues.

risk management software

Quality Risk Management Tools at Your Fingertips

Complete Risk Management applications which address all aspects and reduce administrative burden of ISO compliance and management. Save valuable time spent on paperwork and other latency delays.

risk management software
Smart User Friendly User Interface

Maximizes engagement end-to-end through the rich and easy-to-use interface. Spends less time on document control and more time affecting changes.

Amendable Risk Management Platform

Amendable template and field name for data collection in risk identification, assessment, mitigation and response planning, risk control and notification.

Better Risk Documentation Control System

Enables good documentation system to better manage risk management across governance and assurance teams within a single platform.

Transparency and Accountability Culture

Increase transparency and accountability culture with Plan, Do, Check, Act concept to give you peace of mind instead of a panic attack.

qms document control software
Highly Regulated Organizations Trust NIIX Risk Management For Compliance

Simplified platform to collect, identify, categorize, manage, evaluate and address risks with scoring methodologies, execution and approval processes.


A system to facilitate risk management and other disciplines with ability to use data to provide management with more holistic information ensures decision-making based on factual.

risk management software

Realistic Expectations

Well manage risk provides realistic expectations and improves quality management system.

risk management software

Vibrant Escalations

Clear processes ensure risks are identified, assessed and managed at the right time.

risk management software

Improve Organization Morale

Systematic risk management also improves staff morale, motivation, and productivity.

risk management software

ISO Certification Compliance

Risk management software simplifies compliance with ISO 9001 and other ISO standards.

risk management software

Effective Response

Mobile capabilities, automated notifications and workflows for effective risk mitigation.

risk management software

All Time Visibility

Visualize, gain insight and manage risks and opportunities with an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard.

risk management software

Improve Communications

Centralized risk management data delivers data to the right employee at the right time.

risk management software

Know Every Insight

Identify business risk, opportunities and good document control to reduce surprises.

risk management software

Be ISO 9000 Audit Ready

Complete data with good management mechanism enable ISO audit-ready for compliance.

risk management software

User Friendly Platform

Collaborative platform, simple, informative driven user interface are easy to learn & use.

risk management software

Develop Quality Culture

Detailed analytic identify important lessons learned and foster continual quality improvement.

risk management software

Extensive Risk Analytics

Digestible report and analytic information to enable and empower great business outcomes.

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