Is Corrective and Preventive Action is one form template?

NIIX has combines Corrective And Preventive Action Software CAPA into one form template. However you can amend the form to be only Corrective Action Request (CAR) or Preventive Action Request (PAR).

What can a CAPA system do?

NIIX Corrective And Preventive Action Software or CAPA provides a company to control the CAPA process right from creation to validation and closure. Identifies and addresses the root causes of quality issues while supporting ISO compliance, lowering risk of business impact and repeat issues, and fostering continuous improvement to achieve QMS objective.

How the software help preventing CAPA task from overlooked by the employee?

The system will automatically send email notification to the user that has been assigned to handle the task.

How the system help reduce the workload of the user on CAPA?

The automated workflow and automated task notification and due date reminder will help improve the CAPA process, which will further reduce the manual work that is normally time consuming.

Will the system track user activities?

Yes. The system have the user activities log to trace the activities of the user in the system.

Can the CAPA Software manage multiple ISO Standards?

Yes. The system can manage multiple ISO Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, HACCP, OHSAS, ISO 17025 and other ISO Standards.

Can analytic report provide real time data?

Yes. You can generate analytic report from the real time data.

Can we attach supporting document as proof when initiating CAPA?

Yes. You can attach supporting document. The system support file format like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, image, video and etc.

Is it possible to modify the CAPA form template?

Yes. You can amend the form template by using the built-in form editor.

Can we pre-defined the audit finding name?

Yes. There is a feature for you to pre-defined the audit finding name such as Major CAR, Minor CAR, etc.

Can I specify an expiry date for the auditee to provide feedback in the CAPA?

Yes. The Auditor can set the due date for the auditee to respond to the CAPA.

How do I know which CAPA was issued from which Audit Session?

You can clearly state the CAPA number issued in relation to that specific audit in the Audit Schedule report.

Can the NIIX CAPA Software link with Audit Schedule And Audit Report Software?

Yes. You can link the related CAPA to the Audit Schedule And Audit Report Software.

How can NIIX CAPA Software give a clear insight of the nonconformance trend?

The system provide real-time data, analytics, and comprehensive CAPA report with historical data to identify trends, common cause, etc.

How does NIIX notify the user for each task?

The system will automatically send email notification alert on every new or overdue tasks to ensure the task is completed on time.

How can NIIX CAPA improves collaboration and communication among employees?

NIIX CAPA centralized data record and automated workflow with task notification will improve collaboration and communication among the employees.

Can we access the CAPA out from the company?

Yes. NIIX CAPA Software is a cloud based system and you can securely access the system with authorized login ID and password from anywhere, anytime.

Can we change the CAPA workflows to suit our company organization structure?

Yes. You can amend the workflow for the CAPA form.

How long that the CAPA history will be kept in the system?

The history of the CAPA will always remain in the system unless you delete it.

Are we able to retrieve nonconformance record?

Yes. The record will be kept in the system and you can retrieve at anytime.

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