Can system trace the quality objective performance based on department?

Yes. You can trace the quality objective performance based on department, assignee, etc.

What is Quality Objective?

Quality objectives are defined as measurable goals relevant to product and service conformity and enhancing customer satisfaction. They are consistent with the quality policy in ISO 9001 quality management system implementation.

How the system keep track the documentation related to quality objective?

Any document uploaded for the specific quality objective will be kept in the system and remain accessible.

Is the Quality Objective compatible with tablet and mobile device?

Yes, NIIX Quality Objective Management Software is a web-based system, and it is tablet and mobile responsive.

How does the system control user access permissions in the Quality Objective?

Each user can be assigned with related access rights to either respond, view, edit, etc. a particular assigned Quality Objective tracking.

Can we amend the Quality Objective workflow?

Yes. You can amend the workflow to suit your organization structure.

Will the system keep record of the data after we amend the form template to a new version?

Yes. The old data from previous version form template remained retrievable.

What data can we retrieve from the system for report purpose?

Any data that was key into the field in the form can remain accessible.

Can I assign the Quality Objective to any department according to our preference?

Yes. You can assign to any department as you preferred.

Can the system provide the report in chart format?

Yes. It is available from the analytic report, which you can generate at anytime.

How does the system notify you if there is an overdue task?

The system will automatically send email notification for every task assigned and task that is past due.

How we can use NIIX Quality Objective Management to help improve organization performance?

The collected Quality Objective data can be used as key performance indicator for strategic planning to improve organization performance.

Can we see insights and trend of the company from NIIX Quality Objective Management software?

From the data captured, it enables viewing details of entire organization performance trend and insights in real time.

How is the Quality Objective to be communicated to employees?

Centralize repository quality objective tracking and auto task notification will help ensure quality objective to be well communicated.

Can the system track an employee’s key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Yes. You can track key performance indicators in a variety of ways, including individual, team, and department reports.

How can a quality objective software help to improve employee work?

The performance result is tracked and data captured can be generated for performance review. From there, it helps improve transparency and accountability of employees’ work performance.

How many quality objective can I assign to each department?

You can assign as many quality objectives as you want for any department.

How to ensure all the quality objective monitoring step is not skipped?

Initiate, assign and track quality objective of all aspect from the entire organization using an intuitive and logical workflow process to ensure no step is overlooked.

How can the NIIX Quality Objective Software help improve customer satisfaction?

The data and history of the quality objective performance can be used as the measurements to determine any necessary action plan to improve work performance. Ultimately, it will also help improve customer satisfaction.

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