Complaint Management Software That Optimize Customer Success

NIIX Complaint Management Software is designed to accurately identifies, capture and track customer complaints, analyze, develop action plans to resolve issue and prevent recurrence. Automated workflow navigates users to issue the complaint, take immediate action for resolution till closure, and gain increased visibility into common trend of complaint.

Complaint Management Software
complaint management software

Power Up Your Customer Satisfaction

The central platform for recording and tracking complaints with automated workflow makes it effectively capture complaint details, categorize the severity with any associated documents, task assignment to related individual for corrective action with due dates, notification and reminder till final resolution. It helps to optimize customer satisfaction, and retention.

Cloud-Based Customer Feedback At Fingertips

Make managing complaint consistent, fast and effective. Details of complaint include complaint source, action taken, personnel incharge, due dates, etc. Use flexible workflows, automation, and record keeping to route customer complaint to the right employee for quick assistance and achieve customer satisfaction. Ensures that every complaint is properly recorded, handled, assigned, tracked, and resolved.

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Efficient Customer Complaints Management Software / Platform

Simplifies systematic channel for client to submit their complaints while you can also initiate the complaint management from internal.

Analyze, Categorize and Prioritize

Analyze and categorize customer complaints to know frequency and criticality to prioritize quick corrective action.

Develop Effective CAPA Plans

Track each customer complaint data and develop CAPA plans to fix deficiencies and prevent reoccurrence.

Easily Amend Form Template

Design your preferred customer complaint form template using drag and drop feature.

Mitigate Risk and Maintain ISO Compliance

Helps organization to maintain regulation and certification compliance such as ISO audit and FDA compliance which requires a formal complaint handling process such as21 CFR Part 820.198 and 21 CFR Part 606.170

complaint management software

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Provide seamless customer complaint management that includes root cause, corrective actions (CAPA), issue tracking, workflow routing till resolution. Ultimately, mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

complaint management software
Stylish Dashboards

Build stylish dashboards that link customer complaint data with clarity insights, and making decision based on facts.

Automated Workflow

Enable complaint management process with action taken to be reviewed and closed according to your required workflow.

Auto Notification And Reminders

Assign corrective or preventive action tasks to individuals with due dates, attach supporting documents and automated task notifications and reminders.

Cloud Based & Tablet Friendly

Cloud-based customer feedback system available through laptop, desktop and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

complaint management software
Handle Customer Complaints With A Personal Touch At Anytime

Best-practice customer complaint management to turn customer complaints into customer success.


Smart digitalize system to optimize customer success, satisfaction and retention. Increase visibility, reduce cost of poor quality, mitigate risk and maintain ISO compliance, while promote continual improvement.

complaint management software

Increase Visibility

All data is centralized, tracked & reported from a single system help accelerate action plan.

complaint management software

Reduce Poor Quality

Reduce Cost of Poor Quality by resolving customer complaints systematically and quicker.

complaint management software

Continuous Improvement

Share key lessons learned from the nonconformance process for continuous improvement.

complaint management software

Realistic Expectations

Provides realistic expectations and improves quality management system.

complaint management software

Clear Escalations

Clear processes ensure complaint are identified, assessed and managed in the right time.

complaint management software

Improve Organization Image

Less customer complaint improves employee morale, productivity & company image.

complaint management software

ISO Certification Compliance

Simplifies and systematic process compliance with ISO 9001 and other ISO standards audits.

complaint management software

Effective Response

Mobile responsive enables tasks and notification to be carried out anywhere and anytime.

complaint management software

All Time Visibility

Visualize, gain insight and manage complaint within the fastest possible time.

complaint management software

Customer Loyalty

Improve customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention.

complaint management software

Shortern Resolution

Effective process enables shorter resolution time.

complaint management software

Address Systemic Issues

Effectively address issues from beginning till end.

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