Customer Complaint Management Software

How can we see the detail of the progress for each complaint?

The progress details will be available from the workflow and task status features. You can also generate the analytic report to see the progress of each complaint.

Can NIIX Complaint Management Software support the attachment file?

Yes. You can attach the supporting document as proof of defect, nonconformance, etc.

Can the employee directly close the complaint without sending the task for approval?

No. Only the Approver is able to review and close the complaint according to your required workflow.

How does the system notify the user about the assigned task?

System will automatically send email notification to the user once a task has been assigned.

Is there any limitation to access to cloud-based Complaint Management Software?

No limitation. You will be able to access the system as long as you have the login ID and password and there is Internet connection.

Is the complaint management report customizable?

Yes. You can generate comprehensive report using the advanced analytics and reporting feature.

How many customers can access the Complaint Management Software at a time?

There is no limitation on quantity of customer to access the Complaint Management Software.

Does a customer need to have a user license to login to the Complaint Management Software?

No. Customer no need to have the user license to access the system.

Can I issue multiple complaint in one form?

You can amend the form template to suit this requirement.

How many complaint management can I keep in the server?

You can keep as many as you want because it basically depends on the storage of the server.

What data can we get from the complaint form?

Any data you filled in the complaint form will be captured in the system, and it remained accessible.

Can we categorize the type of complaints in the system?

Yes, you can categorize the type of complaints.

The system can auto remind any past due task?

Yes. The system will automatically send email notification if the task is past due.

Can we refer back to the complaint form that had been closed?

Yes. The record will remain in the system. You can access the history and record of the complaint form based on your user role access level.

Is it necessary to send a reminder to the customer that the complaint has been resolved?

No. The system will automatically send an email notification to the complainant.

Can we set a due date for the employee to handle and close a complaint?

Yes. You can assign a due date for each task.

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