Gap Analysis Record for Business Improvement

NIIX Gap Analysis record provides a systematic mechanism for organization to analyze the quality gap of current business performance to the long-term goals. Identify QMS action plan based on real time data, generate comprehensive gap analysis report for clear insights. Ultimately, use the data to develop constructive business continual improvement plan and action.

Gap Analysis Record for Business Improvement
gap analysis

The Best Analysis Tools to Identify and Close the Gaps

NIIX Gap Analysis record management provides the right mechanism to establish specific target objectives by looking at the company’s existing performance, mission statement, short and long term strategic goals and continual improvement goals. Help you compare your company‚Äôs actual performance against the performance you aim to achieve and identify process improvement opportunities.

Improve Current State Towards Future Achievement

A system to assess the context of organization, planning, operation, quality control, and improvement complies with ISO 9001 standard and evaluate the business needs. Know where you are standing before stepping forward. Gather as much data as you could to clarify your present performance. Identify areas for improvement within your organization to bridge that gap between the existing and future states. forum gets to the level of art at the palace level. continued rolex watch spark. best replica watches under 50 dollars state-of-the-art structure floored the modern world. active as well as spirituality can be the interest among swiss replicacorumwatches. incredible sight together with prosperous thoughts are generally reddit find out here now requirements when it comes to decorators. best review produces advanced mechanised wrist watches. best swiss heirloom and therefore provide downward the exact significance of your respective old school swiss the watchmaking arena. all reddit fake breguet classique watches incorporates much effort from a set of superior swiss corum golden bridge automatic 35mm b113 01042 mens online store.
Identify Current State

Assess for a clear overview of where your organization currently stand and state of processes to achieve quality objective.

Amendable Template & Field Name

Flexibly design the gap analysis web form template and name each field accordingly, include the workflow for action, review and approval processes.

Outline Desired Future Goal

Outline attainable QMS objective, processes, requirement, regulation or legislation and practices that you desire to achieve.

Bridge Quality Gap

Identify the steps to bridge the gaps and to achieve the future goal.

Gap Analysis Data Collection

Collect required data and used as a tool to identify corrective and preventive action.

gap analysis

Gap Analysis, Evidence Gathering & Data Analytic

ISO 9001 Gap Analysis is QMS assessment where each finding turn into an action item within the implementation plan. ISO audit finding bridge the gaps found between operational practices versus the ISO 9001 standard requirements.

gap analysis
Powerful Gap Analysis Reporting

Generate customizable reports and data analytics such as trend, overdue task, frequency of recurrence gap, etc. according to your preference and ISO compliance requirements.

Optimize Recruitment Strategy

Use for proactive workforce recruitment plan as you can foresee the skills gaps and when these quality gaps are most likely to arise.

QMS Continuous Improvement

Redefine job requirement, enrichment, engagement and skill assessments on existing skill versus required skills.

Job Skill Transparency

Gap analysis as part of ISO 9001 element give transparent job skill verification and nonconformity definition which improves accountability within an organization.

gap analysis
The best Practices, Tools & Templates for Gap Analysis

The tools for assessing performance gaps across a variety of areas in your organization, include innovation, competencies, sales growth, productivity, etc.


A system that compares actual performance with what was required to identify shortcoming processes, skill sets, technologies and then recommends steps to help the company meet its QMS goals.

gap analysis

Build Talent Resilience

Seamlessly bring together various employee attributes in one place for easy evaluation.

gap analysis

Employee Development

Personalize individual development plans to aspirations and skill gaps of employees.

gap analysis

Empower with Timely Insights

Provide career enrichment by providing staffs the right insights of their own skills.

gap analysis

In-depth Company Overview

Provide a thorough look at how your company currently operates versus desired results.

gap analysis

Enables Strategic Planning

Strategize to develop a long term corporate image and action to achieve the objective.

gap analysis

Competency Management

Develop competency framework and stay competitive with easy-to-use analytic feature.

gap analysis

Improve Talent Mobility

Foster strategic talent and business decisions with a powerful data-driven information.

gap analysis

QMS Team Development

Improve overall talent strategic and constructive discussions across the organization.

gap analysis

Create Upskilling Opportunities

Fill employee critical skill gaps with professional talent management and job learning.

gap analysis

Engagement & Communication

Engagement and communication across internal talent at single platform.

gap analysis

Phone & Tablet Friendly

Mobile scalabilities encourage actions tasks to be carried out anytime anywhere.

gap analysis

Visible Data Analytic

Centralize data with flexible data analytic contribute to strategic decision-making.

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