How to allow employee to utilize Audit Schedule & Audit Report Software?

You need to grant access right for the employee to login to Audit Schedule & Audit Report Software. Only the user with login ID and password will be able to access the system.

Can the user still be able to access the system after transferring to a new department?

Yes. However, you can remove his access right if he no longer need to access the system. You can assign this user license to another employee.

Can a user role be assigned to access only certain selected feature in the system?

Yes. You can assign which feature that a user need to access.

Is it possible to use multiple ISO Standards in Audit Schedule & Audit Report?

Yes. You can manage multiple ISO Standard Audit like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and others ISO Standard.

Can I amend the pre-designed form template?

Yes. You can amend the template by using the built-in form editor in the system.

Can the Lead Auditor select who is the next person to approve the Audit Report?

Yes. The Lead Auditor can select who is the person that has the authority to approve the Audit Report.

What happened if the Audit location does not have internet access?

You can fill in the in offline form and data will be uploaded to the system once it is connected to the Internet.

How the Auditor would aware he has been assigned a new audit task?

The system will automatically send email notification directly to the auditors once he has been assigned an audit session.

Do I need to migrate all my previous Audit Report that was done in paperbased to the system?

No. You can keep all the previous Audit Report as it is. Upon the effective date of implementing the Audit Schedule & Audit Report Software, you can start to manage new audit sessions in the system.

How many Auditors can I assign to handle one particular ISO audit?

You can assign as many auditors as you want.

Can I delete an Audit Schedule if they were wrongly created?

Yes. It can be done by the user who has the permission to delete the created Audit Schedule.

Is it possible to integrate Audit Management Software with the CAPA software?
The system has User Access setting to control initiating audit schedule, delete record, etc?

Yes. You can conveniently give or remove permission for user to initiate audit, review, approve, print, view, delete audit record, etc.

Can I schedule the audit 3 months in advance?

Yes. There is no time limit for you to schedule the audit session in advance.

If a task is past due, would the system automatically remove the task from the User?

No. The task will remain at the user until he completes his task. However, the Admin User can re-assigned the task to another user if it is necessary.

What features within the Audit Schedule Software that a particular user can access to?

Flexible User Access Right allows you to easily grant or remove permission for auditors to initiate audits, review, approve audits, print, view, and delete audit records, among other things.

Can the auditor view the audit report that is not belongs to him?

No, the auditor can only see his own audit report. However, you can assign access right whether the user can only see his own audit report or include other audit report.

Did the software provide detailed audit insights?

You can get detailed QMS audit insights from the analytic report.

Do I need to manually notify the auditor about the audit schedule?

No, the system will automatically send email notification to the auditor once they have been assigned to a specific audit.

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