Quality Objectives: Turning Goals From Your Quality Policy Into Measurable Results

Quality objective is a measurable quality control method that a company establishes according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. It allows you to turn goals from your quality policy into results. In this article, learn how to set these important measures and use them in your business today!

What are quality objectives?

Quality objectives are the goals that a company sets for itself. Quality objective are established align with the company’s quality policy and must be measurable in order to determine whether the objectives are being met. The objective is to turn the goal into a measurable result so that it can be monitored, analyzed, compared, and tracked over time. Most importantly, it shall be communicated across the entire organization and shall be updated as and whenever necessary.

How to create quality objectives

Creating quality objectives is the first step in creating quality policies. It can be difficult to find measurable goals that are specific and different for every client, so start with general guidelines that you can easily monitor.

There are numerous quality objective that managers can develop for their organizations. Some people might choose to focus on safety, customer satisfaction, or financial performance. Others may prefer to use a non-quantitative measure like the number of quality defects in an organization. Regardless of what type of quality objective one chooses, it is usually important to have an idea of how they will measure progress towards completing the objective.

Struggling with tracking and measuring quality objectives

A lot of organizations are really good about setting quality objectives for their organization but struggle with measuring them. One way around this is to create a measurable result that is tied directly to the objective. For example, if you have an objective of preventing costly customer service incidents, you could measure the amount of time between when a customer service incident starts and someone finally responds. 

The quality objective are the most important part of the quality policy. Without measurable results, the quality objective won’t drive meaningful change. If a quality objective is getting in your way, ask yourself if this objective is creating more value that it’s taking away.

There is a great deal of focus on quality objective when it comes to customer satisfaction with the customer. When you want your business to be successful, you need to competently measure and improve these customer satisfaction goals. For example, one way to do this is by using metrics that are specifically designed for tracking and measuring customer satisfaction.

The importance of quality objectives

In order to measure the success of a quality objective, you must first create measurable objectives. Quality objective are the fundamental idea of your quality policy. In order to create measurable results, you must also have clear and detailed metrics that describe what is being measured.


In the end, it is important to remember that your quality objective are only as accurate as your results. Thus, you must have good measuring tools to monitor your quality objective performance. The quality policy should be set up to produce the desired results. When you have the ability to track progress against these measurements, it will be easier to plot a clear path for improvement and growth.

Quality Objectives