Too Many Unsupervised ISO Standard Documents?

Too Many Unsupervised ISO Standard Documents?

Typical pitfall facing in ISO Standard Document Control leading to non-achieving ISO Benefits entirely. Managing ISO Document Control can waste a lot of time and resources if it is not appropriately managed. NIIX ISO DMS is suitable for company either in process, or have already obtained ISO certification.

NIIX ISO Document Management System (ISO DMS)


NIIX ISO DMS developed according to ISO Document Control requirement for any type of ISO Standards has been well recognized and accepted for ISO audit by ISO certification body worldwide. NIIX ISO DMS is a ISO Document Control Software developed to be mobile responsive for convenience at your finger tips.

Maintain Multiple Standards in One Software

NIIX ISO_maintain-multiple-standards-in-one-application

NIIX ISO DMS enables organization to manage single ISO Standard like ISO 9001 or multiple ISO standards include ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 27000, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, ISO 13485, HALAL, HACCP, OHSAS and many more in one Document Master List. Documents will be listed according to respective ISO Standard.

ISO Document Master List & Document Archive

NIIX ISO_document-master-list

ISO Document Master List & Document Archive

ISO Document Control Master List will be automatically updated upon Document approval. Document details includes document name, document number, revision, reviewer, approver, date etc. Obsolete ISO document will be automatically archived in the Document History and is accessible only by authorized user.

ISO Document Workflow Management


ISO Document Workflow Management

NIIX ISO document control software provides automated workflow features include document creation, document review and approval, document publishing, document revise, revision control, obsolete document archiving, email notification on pending task, document master list, document cross-reference, and etc.

Creating Document is Easy Peasy

NIIX Document_Management_upload-document-in-seconds

Creating Document is Easy Peasy

Creating Document for multiple ISO Standards is as easy as 1-2-3. Just upload document once and select all related ISO Standard to enable simultaneous document creation, document review, and document approval for multiple ISO Standards within the NIIX ISO Document Control Software.

ISO Standard Document Status Monitoring


Document status monitoring shows whether the ISO Standard document is at draft, revise, pending review or pending approval. ISO Standard document owner can choose to cancel the process, delete the document, view the document or reassign any document to another reviewer or approver.

Flexible ISO Standard Document Viewing

ISO Standard Document Viewing

Flexible ISO Standard Document Viewing

ISO Standard document for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 27000, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, ISO 13485, HALAL, HACCP, OHSAS, etc that has been approved can be accessed and clearly viewed in full page. Other information includes document revision number, list of supporting document and cross reference document.

Flexibilities of User Security & Access Setup


Flexibilities of User Security & Access Setup

5 flexible User-level security offers a very fine-grained detail in assigning permissions. NIIX ISO DMS flexible user access rights enables assigning user to create, review, approve, revise, print, delete document within the ISO Document Software. It makes ISO document control easier and more organized.

Cross Reference Document At One Glance

ISO Document Management_cross-reference

Cross Reference Document At One Glance

Cross Department Referencing enables inter department document reference easy. Either the document is within the same ISO Standard or from multiple ISO Standards, with NIIX ISO DMS, inter department cross reference documents like manual, procedure, works instruction, etc is just a click away.

Comprehensive ISO Standard Document Report


Comprehensive ISO Standard Document Report

Comprehensive reports are often used to evaluate or track the ISO documents implementation for every department in an organization. Information includes how many ISO Standard document have been created within a selected period of time, etc. The ISO document report can be exported to excel file.

BENEFITS OF NIIX ISO Document Management System (ISO DMS)

NIIX ISO DMS provides a good path to achieve objective of implementing Quality Management System (QMS).


Automated Workflow

Comprehensive automated ISO document control workflow for document creation, review, approval, publishing and much more.


Document Control With Status Tracking

Draft ISO standard document, document pending review and approval can be monitored and traced at one glance at Document Status.

Improved Staff Productivity

Focus on ISO Standard Implementation

Shifting employees focus on implementing ISO Standard rather than spending unproductive time on the documentation itself.


Reduce Labour Resources

Automated workflow has significantly cut down labor hours, resources and cost which enable reinvestment of cost saving.


Reinvestment on Cost Saving

Cost saving and reinvest in good practice quality management system (QMS) for employees development and company productivity.


Protected Sharing ISO Standard Document

Document sharing made easy and secured with flexible document control privilege like to create, view, revise, print document.

Tangible Benefits

Document at Your Finger Tip

ISO documents can be accessed using any device, any where and any time regardless of the geographical and time constraints.


Effective ISO Audit

Don’t have to go through hassle of preparing document prior to the ISO Audit. Documents are always up to date and accessible.

Enhanced Competitive

Compliance with ISO Document Control Requirement

Effectively ISO Standard document management software helps compliance to ISO document control requirements for ISO Audit.


Improved Staff Productivity

Cultivate employee engagement in ISO, enhance ISO Standard implementation and improve staff and organization productivity.

No More Long Meetings

Global Competitive Advantages

Enabling deep delving into global competitive advantages with effective ISO document control and ISO Standard implementation.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Improved Document Recovery

ISO Document Control Software enables better document recovery plan during disaster compared to manual document control.


If you are not happy with the order or any part of the NIIX ISO DMS, let us know within a limited 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for a full refund.

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